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Rules Sindo Ryu

Sindo ryu karate is an Okinawan karate and kobudo system which emphasizes strong, linear offensive techniques and soft, circular defensive techniques. This system also focuses on a high degree of Okinawate and Kobujiutsu Kata practice for co-ordination, real fighting speed and balance. Sindo ryu is one of the best and most respected traditional Okinawan Martial Arts Organization in the world. This is confirmed by the fact that the Kyokushin karate heavy weight champions Kazumi Hajime and Tatsuya Iwasaki from Japan is now are practicing Okinawa karate Sindo ryu among many other high level sports full contact karate masters throughout Japan, for example World Daido juku karate (Kudo) champion Yasumichi Fujimatsu and others.

The main purpose of the full training course is to educate a moral person, after long years of apprenticeship, to be as strong spiritually as he is physically. In accordance with this task the following rules have been formulated for the students of Sindo Ryu:

  • The student must be honest, modest and fair.
  • The student must speak respectfully to his teacher and have esteem for his colleagues.
  • The student must have not only the desire but also serious reasons for studying martial arts.
  • The student mustn't use his martial art skills in the street, except in extremely dangerous situations.
  • If it is known that a student has participated in ordinary street fights, he will find himself immediately excluded from the school.
  • The student doesn't have the right to smoke or use alcohol.
  • The student doesn't have the right to teach any one any of his skills without his teacher's permission.
  • The teacher has the right to punish his students and to exclude them from school.


In the Sindo Ryu school there are 8 apprenticeship levels, from the 8th the (lowest) to the 1st (highest). Each of these levels corresponds to both a color belt and motto:

  • 8th Ku (White belt) The Appearance on the way of Learning
  • 7th Ku (White belt with orange tag) The Beginning of Knowledge
  • 6th Ku (Orange belt) The Perfection of Knowledge
  • 5th Ku (Blue belt) The Enlargement of Knowledge
  • 4th Ku (Green belt) The Mid-point on the Way of Learning
  • 3rd Ku (Dark blue belt) The Elevation of Knowledge
  • 2nd Ku (Brown belt) The Deepening of Knowledge
  • 1st Ku (Dark brown belt) Maturity

After this, come the Dan levels, which correspond to the black belt. Upon reception of the forth Dan the students' instruction in the school is considered to be completed. Afterwards he will continue to perfect his skills on his own.

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