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Sindo Ryu

The words Sindo Ryu are made up of three Japanese characters: ru - school, do - way, sindo - truth and signify the most violent school of old Okinawa karate, belonging to the Hanashiro family tradition. Sindo Ryu is one of the few modern karate schools in which the most important aspect is considered to be not technique but rather philosophy.

The most important principles of the school are:

"Ikken Hissatsu" (to kill with one blow)
"Metsuke Sutemi" (cold-blooded decisiveness to fight to the end).

The main components of the training are: the practice of Kata, work on different apparatus (Makiwara, the punching bag, and other devices) and Kumite (like semi or full-contact bouts).

The school is presently led by Sensei Valeriy Maistrovoy, 8th dan. Furthermore, this style of Karate is practiced in the U.S.A., Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, Latvia, Azerbaijan and in Russia.

In the Sindo Ryu school the ability to avoid letting any situation lead to conflict or make the adversary back down without a fight is highly considered. It is indeed in this that lies the essence of traditional martial arts. To have the real possibility to escape from the adversary, superior in number and armed, without feeling the need to test their strength and by any means.

Although in the Sindo Ryu school within one year you can learn how to effectively protect yourself, the full training program lasts 12 years, which includes 8 years of karate and 4 years of kobudo. The idea being ,that by the beginning of the practice of Kobudo the Karate disciple should have mastered all Karate techniques. Which is why the holder of a First Dan belt is regarded as being equal to the holder of a Forth Dan belt in any other type of karate. This is the same with regard to Karate students: a 5th Ku (blue belt) in a Sindo Ryu is equal to a 2nd Ku (brown belt) in other schools.

The given statement is not just words. It has become a tradition for the participation of students in different competitions where the use of full contact is foreseen. It is a question of international tournaments for hand-to-hand fighting, Karate, Muai-Thai, Ju Jitsu, and other martial arts. Despite this biased relation towards students of the Sindo Ryu school, who are treated like outsiders, and the non-objectivity of judges, there have never gone without taking prize-winning places.

Okinawa Karate Federation Europe

Sensei Valeriy Maistrovoy 8th dan Okinawa karate and kobudo and instructors Moscow Sindo ryu school.

The Okinawa Karate Federation Europe is registered with the Minister of Justice (No. 45-48) in accordance with federal laws on public associations and has the exclusive right to the name, the use of the emblems and any and all activities having to do with the development of traditional Okinawa Karate anywhere on European territory.

The headquarters of the Worldwide Federation is located in Naha, (Okinawa, Japan) and that of the European Region in Fribourg, Switzerland. The central club of the Federation serves as an international club of martial arts - Sindo (opened in Moscow in December 1989).

The President of The Okinawa Karate Federation Europe is Valeriy Maistrovoy (8th Dan Okinawa te and Kobudo).

     Switzerland, Fribourg, 1700 Bd Perolles 7.
     phone +41 26 321 43 26
     Fax.: +41 26 321 43 31
     e-mail: sensei@okinawakarate.com

You can receive information about overseas sections of the Federation from the Fribourg (Switzerland) Headquarters of the Okinawa Karate Kobudo Federation.

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